How To Trailer
Easily build this all purpose concession
trailer with our simple step by step instructional
Save hundreds of dollars or more as our easy to follow DVD takes you thru every detail. Not only does this video show you how, but will also save you so much time and money. It has all the shortcuts and simple design elements put to use starting with just a flat trailer from Home Depot (or any used trailer). You will be amazed how quickly you are up and running!
Included free with this DVD are many tricks of the mobile concession business.

Locks up tight as a drum!
Opens up for multi-uses!
Yes you can do it yourself easily and quickly!
If your reading this you've probably already discovered the secret of making money with mobile concessions. The next step is cutting the up front costs of start-up. Here is the cheapest yet most vesatile way to get going. An all purpose, multi-use do it yourself weekend project thats almost fun to build. Whether it's one concession trailer or twenty, everything is just so simple with this DVD and a few hand tools. If it's hot dogs,shaved ice,popcorn,coffee,funnel cakes,donuts or everything else,this basic cart will be waiting to serve you whenever it's time to start ringing the cash register.
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